Interfaith Voices

Dear friends,

Recently, our contemplayful singing cohort (we call it the Songtuary) got some national exposure on the NPR show “Interfaith Voices”, hosted by Amber Kahn. Our half hour conversation turned into this 16-minute podcast. You can listen here.

“Musician Craig Green tells us why creating space for people to sing outdoors is his spiritual calling.”

Here’s a description from the Podcast website:

In this non-narrated reflection from musician Craig Green, we learn why creating space for people to sing outdoors is his spiritual calling. Green, the co-founder of Songtuary, a Virginia-based community singing group, invites people to gather outside and discover the power of experiencing their voices resonating with the sounds of nature. Having discovered Thoreau as a teenager, Green explains why he lives in intentional communities and his spiritual journey. Green is one of the growing number of Americans identifying as “spiritual but not religious.” But he cautions against assuming his spiritual identity means he is a loner. Quite the contrary – he is trying to find through his music “a beloved community in which people feel like they can be completely themselves and also be encouraging other people to be completely who they are and, finding our voices and our truth together.” 

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