The Way of Contemplayful Singing.

Welcome to the online home of the Contemplayful Songbook and the League of Contemplayful Singers.

This website is a work in process. Here’s an overview of what’s here so far.

In the coming months the full Contemplayful Songbook will be posted here. This songbook is a collection of 300+ diverse songs, rounds, chants, hymns and anthems. These are songs we employ as seeds of harmony, musical forms well suited for engaging, connecting and uplifting. This songbook is designed for people eager to grow learningful relationships and communities by singing together.

In addition to the song collection, the Contemplayful Songbook details forms and formats for consensual singing labs. The Introduction to the Contemplayful Songbook describes in some detail both the vision and practice of building contemplayful singing dojos.

Over the years of my musical study and song collecting, I’ve developed a handy new way of transcribing songs. I call this format Numerical Notation or NN. The Guide to Numerical Notation provides an overview of NN.

The “Compendium of Chord Progressions” is a resource for understanding and building songs with circular chord progressions.

To receive updates about major developments with this project, contact us at